Wickliffe Presbyterian Church
Wickliffe Presbyterian Church

Small Church, Big Heart

According to the Mahoning County Auditor, our building is

over 10,000 sqft. So, obviously that’s not what is meant

by “Small Church”. But just by looking around on a

Sunday morning you see that we have many open spaces

in the pews and our membership is declining. For many churches this type of decline signals the beginning of the end. But not Wickliffe Presbyterian Church. Not OUR church!

OUR church is full of kindness, selflessness and generosity. OUR church has a Big Heart.


For this year’s Stewardship Campaign, we are asking that you continue to prove that it doesn’t take a large congregation to spread the Word of God through our ministries and missions. Over the years we have been able to meet our financial goals regardless of the size of our membership. Our commitment to God and to our church has shown that it’s not the size of the rolls, it’s the size of our hearts.


Stewardship Sunday is October 14th. Letters and pledge cards will be sent soon and we ask that everyone please consider at least matching your 2018 pledge so that we may continue God’s work into 2019.

God Bless! Your Support Team (Nancy O, Jamie B, Debbie M, Kerry S, Barb M, Jeff B)

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