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Wickliffe Presbyterian Church

January 21st Video 2 of Marriage Relationship Series at Christ Church Chapel immediately following the 11:00 o'clock Worship service.

Christ Church Presbyterian (Chapel)

1933 Canfield Rd, Youngstown, OH 44511

   Beginning, I am providing
Church Family and Friends and anyone else who is
interested the opportunity to be part of a marriage
education program. Please let me explain.
First, the audience. Anyone who is interested
can check it out.

   The first group will be a general
, meaning anyone married, or unmarried
who simply wishes to be part of the program to take
in the information. Most likely, there will be an
evening time during the week to accommodate this
   A second group will be for Newlywed
. This group is specifically for those
newlyweds who are facing the new and uncharted
waters of marriage. Again, probably an evening time
and day according to work schedules.
   The third group will be couples seeking an
individualized approach to the subject of marriage.

Individual times and arrangements can be made to
accommodate the couple’s schedule.
The program is based on a Video Tape
series I’ve used in the past for pre-marital and
marriage counseling. In 8 years of use, I have never
received a negative word about the series.
Everyone who has viewed the first video session
has always wanted to continue with the whole


                                                Sincerely, Pastor Mark Thompson



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